Winchester Double X Turkey 12 GA 3.5" 2 oz #5 10Rds


Winchester Double X Turkey 12 GA 3.5" 2 oz #5 10Rds

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12 Gauge


Winchester Double X Turkey is a great choice for hunting/target shooting. This 3.5" 12 GA shell delivers a 2 oz payload of lead #5 shot that leaves the barrel at 1300 fps. This listing is for a box of 10 shells.

  • Gauge/Length: 12 GA, 3.5"
  • Hull Material: Plastic
  • Shot Material: Lead
  • Application: Hunting/target Shooting
  • Weight: 2 oz
  • Shot Size: #5
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1300 fps
  • Manufacturer Part #: STH12355
  • SKU: 65115
  • UPC: 020892012219

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